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The state government of New Jersey is divided into three branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The principal function of the Legislative branch is to enact laws. The General Assembly is the lower house of  the New Jersey Legislature. Legislators are elected from districts of substantially equal population.

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Meet Tom Giaimo

Tom Giaimo is running for the New Jersey Assembly in Legislative District 13. A native of New Jersey, and a product of Middletown, New Jersey public schools, Tom attended Dickinson College where he graduated cum laude with a degree in political science before graduating from St. John’s University School of Law.

In 1986, Tom established Giaimo & Associates, LLC which focuses on representing non-profit homeowner and condominium associations throughout the state, primarily those located in central New Jersey. For over 30 years, Tom has advocated for New Jersey homeowners at every level of government, including the federal, state, county and local governments and their various agencies and departments.  He has guided and worked alongside of elected Boards of Trustees who are responsible for the administration, management, governance, and the day-to-day affairs of their constituent homeowners.  He has listened carefully and assisted in resolving homeowner issues and concerns for his entire professional career.  Now, it is time for Tom to bring his unique perspective and talent to Trenton.

Typically Tom prefers to work behind the scenes, engaging in constructive discourse only when the opportunity is presented.  However, due to his concern for the direction of his country and state, he decided he could not idly stand by and do nothing.  After consulting with his wife and children, Tom decided that he was at a point in his professional career and in his parenting responsibilities that he has the time, commitment, and wisdom to help lead New Jersey in a better direction.   

Tom lives with his wife Christine (his high school sweetheart) in Locust, New Jersey. They have three adult children and welcomed their granddaughter, Sofia Blu, last year.  

The Goal

To bring integrity, transparency, and accountability back to state politics. To repair a badly broken system, where the needs of the 13th district have been short-changed and forgotten.  To restore the government’s function to one where it is truly responsive to the needs of the people, and not of the party.  Repair can only begin with change, and change requires that we elect new representatives from the district who have the ability and courage to effectuate those changes.

Property Taxes

Property Taxes are out of control in New Jersey, especially in Monmouth County. I will strive to lower property taxes by properly funding our schools, incentivizing shared services, while restoring rebates to low-income, seniors and disabled residents. Often times, homeowners are shocked to find that their property tax bill has become even more of a burden after improving their homes – despite it spurring the economy by creating work for small business construction and modification services. The legislature should immediately act to ban any increase on property taxes when a homeowner has made a home improvement. In addition to protecting our homeowners, the legislature should look for new, innovative ways to raise revenue and cut spending to achieve our most important obligation: property tax relief.


I will advocate for a state school finance system for pre-school through high school that is adequate, equitable, consistent and sustainable. Our schools must promote upstream learning measures and offer resources so that our students are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. With Monmouth County ranked as the 2nd highest for youth suicide completions in the state of New Jersey, it is obvious that our children are ill-equipped to deal with the pressures that they encounter daily such as stress, anxiety, and depression. We must do better for our children.


Climate change is real and residents in New Jersey are seeing and feeling its impact. We need legislation in New Jersey that protects our important natural resources, open space, water, land, and air. Global warming negatively impacts New Jersey’s public health and economy, as well as our homes and businesses. The Jersey Shore is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy five years later. We must implement flood control mitigation measures now so that we are more prepared for the future.

“You are my neighbors and my friends, and I will,
as I have done for my entire professional career,
work hard to earn your trust and make your voices heard in Trenton.”


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It is a great honor to accept the party’s endorsement to represent the community I was born and raised in and one in which I am committed to working tirelessly to serve as a future representative, a father, and a business owner. 

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